Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Chidcare Quandary

Stardate Wednesday August 11, 2010

Gee entropy, quandary, 2 big words in as many days..........

So often when the topic of finding childcare is raised, people will tell you that they had to put their child's name on a waiting list- or multiple waiting lists- as soon as conception was confirmed.

Though I do vaguely remember someone on the news (or was it A Current Affair?) this year telling us that we're all mad and that there is no shortage of places at all. Maybe we should all be prepared to go the extra mile- or ten- to put our children into the available places.

Hmmm, what to believe?

Well I put my twins (now 20 months) on a childcare centre list. Don't ask me when, I just know that I did. (The plan was to have A baby, have a year at home then find a job, but  the best laid plans...).

Well, the childcare centre rang a couple of weeks ago to say that some places had become available for the terrible two.

Now this was quite convenient as I had just started working, in a very part-time position. however at the time of the phone call I was trying to develop an hour-long Power Point presentation, so my reposnse was "I'll take a day!!"

Their first day was meant to be last week, but they were both sick... probably caught it when we went to have a look the week before. So I all ready have a bill and my highly productive day didn't eventuate.

Now, as I have basically created my presentation all I need to now is present it. The sessions, however,  will be happening in the evening, when the childcare centre is shut.

So now I'm in a quandary. I can't afford to use childcare if I'm not working, but what if I give it up and then get a job?

Decisions, decisions.

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